Quentin Jones: Naked with Paint on Nowness.com.

Yesterday, reading my Harper’s Bazaar Argentina, I found the work of this awesome artist, filmmaker, model and Philosophy graduated: Quentin Jones is one of those people that, when you see her work, you instantly get obsessed with it. She does a beautiful graphic and illustation work with the images, and her videos based in the use of stop motion, are really interesting. I see something surrealist and ironic in her work, with a mix of fashion and emotions and a little bit of pop culture, that really makes me feel  I want one of those pictures in my room.

What do you think? Do you like it?
Here are some pictures of her work and a Video you have to see.


Leyendo ayer mi Harper’s Bazaar Arg, encontré el trabajo de esta increíble artista, modelo, directora de cine, y graduada de Filosofía: Quentin Jones, es una de esas personas que al conocer su trabajo instantáneamente te obsesionas con él. Realiza un hermoso trabajo gráfico y de ilustración en sus imágenes y hace unos videos basados en la téccina de stop motion realmente interesantes. Veo en su “obra” toques surrealistas e irónicos. y un mix de moda, emociones y algo de cultura pop, que hace que quiera tener una de esas imágenes en mi cuarto.♥

Que piensan? Les gusta?
Acá les dejo algunas de las imágenes de su trabajo y un video que TIENEN que ver!

Saludos y feliz Finde




One thought on “QUENTIN JONES ♥

  1. wow what a collection full of quirky graphics and wicked illustrations!thanks for the love hon, I'm following you now!Axxhttp://epiquemoi.blogspot.com

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